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An innovative leader in commercial linen and laundry management and consulting since 1939
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Respected worldwide

An innovative leader in linen and laundry management and consulting since 1939, Victor Kramer has brought quality, efficiency and financial benefits to over 1,000 customers. Its experience is unrivaled, having designed, built, modernized and managed laundries for hospitals, hotels, businesses and governments around the world. No one does it more—or does it better.

Making You and Your Linens Look Good

Stop struggling with your in-house laundry or laundry service. We know how to get the most out of your plant or provider. Our team of experts will develop a plan to ensure that you always have quality linens—and always at an affordable cost. We’ll even do the work of implementing the plan, and if it requires capital, we’ll help there, too.





Strength in Numbers

With decades of experience, over a thousand customers, and the industry’s most resourceful and technically competent experts, Victor Kramer has the mass and resources to deliver a noticeable difference in quality, productivity and cost. You and your customers will sleep better.

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