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How does it work? A hotel or resort provides us with space, equipment and access to utilities. We provide everything else: professional management and trained employees; laundry and drycleaning supplies; utilities usage; safety; operating and control systems; capital investment for equipment and linen; equipment repair and maintenance; and energy conservation.

We’ll handle the dirty laundry

We do it so well that hundreds of healthcare facilities and hotels have turned to Victor Kramer for support with their linens: cleaner, fresher, in quantities wherever and whenever you need them, and usually for less. With demanding, selective customers, many at the pinnacle of their industries, you know we have to be very, very good.

How does Victor Kramer do it?

We’re specialists. With years of experience, the finest technicians, best training and sophisticated systems, we know how to deliver the highest productivity and quality, at the lowest cost.

Our Consulting Program

We’ll shrink your existing costs, and brighten your linens—right in your existing laundry! Your laundry facility and staff are valuable assets. Don’t give up on them. We’ll help you make them more productive than ever, by streamlining operations, installing advanced equipment, introducing more effective processes, retraining your staff and cutting waste. We’ll work side-by-side with your current management.

Engineering & Design

Victor Kramer is an international leader in laundry design and construction. Whether you need a new plant or just a remodeling, we’ll help you create an efficient facility that your staff will love to run. If you need capital we can help as well.

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