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Clients choose Victor Kramer Company because of its wealth of experience, the most advanced diagnostic and operating systems and the finest technical staff in the business. Regardless of the condition of your laundry or your budget, VK’s specialist expertise can make a very real impact on your customers and your bottom-line. In fact, Victor Kramer is so confident in its ability to meet—even exceed—your expectations, that we routinely guarantee the results. Perhaps that’s why we have the highest client retention and growth rates in our industry. No other company comes close!

We are specialists!

Because we specialize, we are experts in all aspects of laundry production and operations. Our consultants provide specialist expertise unmatched in our industry.


We’ve designed and built laundries and consulted in laundry operations since 1939, for over 1,000 hotels, hospitals and organizations worldwide.

Thorough & Imaginative

After carefully studying your laundry operations, we’ll show you creative ways to increase quality and lower costs.

Proven Systems

We will implement an array of systems proven at hundreds of facilities to raise quality and lower costs.

We have the best people!

An unrivaled reputation, expanding career opportunities, rigorous training and shared passion for quality attract the best people to Victor Kramer.

We’re Objective.

Victor Kramer is not allied with any equipment or chemical supplier. We make investment and purchasing decisions that are best for you—not for vendors.

Guaranteed Results!

We’ll help your staff implement our recommendations. Step by step your laundry will become more effieicent, producing higher quality linens at lower costs. We are so confident, that if we don’t save you money…then you don’t pay us!

We’re performing and growing.

The marketplace is the best judge. Victor Kramer outperforms our industry in growth and customer satisfaction. As the very first and best in the laundry consulting industry, no other firm even comes close.

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